Improving Medication Safety

The Network medication safety forum was established in 2014 in response to local incident data that identified frequent medication errors and associated harm events. The forum consists of representatives from each trust’s critical care unit from pharmacy, medical and nursing staff along with clinical educators. Terms of reference have been agreed and the forum meet quarterly with a standard agenda item being the medication errors reported from each unit over the past 3 months. In this way members are able to identify themes and trends and tailor the improvement activity accordingly. Current improvement areas include: -

  • Reducing delays in antibiotic administration
  • Exploring the feasibility of adopting a standard noradrenaline concentration of 8mg/50ml (readymade vial)
  • Introduction of a Network guideline for inotrope syringe changes
  • Development of standards for arterial flush solution
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Medication Safety Forum Terms of Reference 2014 final
Network Inotrope Syringe Change guideline final 2014
NW medication incident report 2009 - 2012
ICS standard medication concentrations 2016
Lancs and South Cumbria IV Drug Administration Standards Final Dec 2016

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