Transfer of the Critically Ill Patient
Lancashire and South Cumbria Critical Care Network (LSCCCN) is committed to the safe transfer of all acutely/critically ill and rehabilitating patients who require transfer between different environments to meet their ongoing care needs.

Transfers may be necessary for access to clinical and specialist treatments, however LSCCCN aims to reduce the need for non-clinical transfers, i.e. those transfers that require patients be moved to another hospitals critical care unit.  

We work in collaboration with colleagues to ensure we maximise the knowledge, skills and capacity of the service to care for and transfer critically ill patients safely, if the need arises.


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NW SCITT Programme: Safe Care in Transfer Training

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Transfer Forum

The Network faciliates the collaboration of staff that have a role, responsibility or interest in reviewing the quality of critically ill patient transfers that take place across the Lancashire and South Cumbria region.

This forum includes staff from NWAS, critical care and major trauma areas and together we discuss and review the number and quality of transfers that occur across the network. 

The Terms of Reference for this forum can be found opposite.


Transfer Forum Minutes16th Oct 2015
Transfer Forum Minutes 6th July 2016 draft
Transfer Forum Terms of Reference 2016

Transfer Guidelines & Policies


NW Critical Care Networks Transfer Policy 2016 final

Transfer Facts and Figures

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