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The Network relies on effective systems and processes for the collection, validation and analysis of data related to critical care services, its patients and staff groups. This page provides information on the Data and Information systems and processes that are utilised in relation to critical care services. We aim to support our NHS Provider and Commissioning organisations to effectively collect data that provides meaningful information on the practices and outcomes related to local critical care services.


ICNARC (Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre) 

One of the major data collection systems for our critical care unit’s data is collated via ICNARC (Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre). ICNARC help critically ill patients by providing information/feedback about the quality of care to those who work in critical care.  They also make information about the quality of care available to the public through the Annual Quality Report. ICNARC also provides critical care information to populate the national critical care Data Dashboards. More information about ICNARC can be found at

Directory of Services (DOS)

The Directory of Service is hosted on a NHS Pathways website and should be the first point of call to identify available critical care beds. This system is accessed by each critical care unit to provide information on local bed occupancy and availability. When there is no critical care bed available for a patient within the local hospital this website should be used by staff to ascertain the nearest available bed. Each critical care unit has their own unique password to access this site. 

Data and Information Forum

In order to support effective data information processes and systems, the Network facilitates a Forum to enable those who work within critical care to come together to discuss the challenges related to data collection, validation and analysis. This is a multidisciplinary forum which includes Data Clerks, Analysts, Clinicians, Nurses, AHPs and non registered healthcare workers who have a role in capturing data for their unit.

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National Critical Care Data Dashboard

Did you know that your critical care unit submits data to a national body to compare their outcomes to others across the United Kingdom? Take a look on your units notice baords to see how you're doing!

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