Clinical Effectiveness Forum

The Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) meetings take place quarterly and membership comprises of medical, nursing and allied health professional leads and service managers from each of our respective units. The group provides senior clinical and managerial leadership and forms part of the Lancashire and South Cumbria Critical Care Network (LSCCCN) framework for development and delivery of safe quality services.

The CEG is responsible for the monitoring and development of processes in relation to:

a)  Clinical Effectiveness

b)  Data & Audit

c)  Policy & Guidance

d)  Integrated Care Pathways


CEG members are responsible for raising awareness of and encouraging participation in network activity within their local critical care units. The CEG also support the other network forums and task groups in order to drive improvements in quality and safety. Any actions that arise from National Groups are facilitated and led through the CEG. Reports on network activity and progress towards the Network Plan and quality improvement work PLAN are received by this group and areas of concern or issues requiring further support or executive decisions are escalated to the ODN board.



Terms of Reference

CEG terms of reference 2016



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