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This website aims to develop a community of knowledge surrounding the work in progress for the improvement of critical care services across the Lancashire and South Cumbria region.

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What is Critical Care?


Critical Care is a vital hospital service and combines both Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and High Dependency (HDU) care areas where the sickest patients in the hospital are treated.

These desperately unwell patients can come from any area in the hospital and need constant and close monitoring; support for their organ systems from specific equipment and medication to keep the body functioning normally while they recover.

Critical Care services also often provide a key role within the hospital to support the medical and surgical specialities in the early recognition of, and response to, acute illness in adults in hospital.


Our aim is to focus on facilitating safe quality care for acutely and critically ill patients across community, NHS hospital and Independent hospital care organisations.

Through collaborative working with commissioners, providers and users of critical care, we aim to review services and make improvements where they are required, ensuring delivery of patient focused care by appropriately educated and trained healthcare professionals.

"Critical Care services are an essential part of the care pathway of many hospital patients and needs to be fully integrated into whole hospital services to ensure best patient outcomes." 

                                                                     Quality Critical Care, 2005

To this end the Network aims to facilitate the sharing of good practice, develop where necessary common policies and procedures, and help providers and commissioners implement national best practice recommendations related to Critical Care, where these are present.

We hope to share our enthusiasm and dedication in developing quality critical care services our population deserves.


IV Drug Administration Standards

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The Network has worked in collaboration with its other NW Networks and our own Pharmacists to develop the IV Drug Adminstration Standards. 

This document can be found on the Quality and Leadership page under the Medication forum tab.

For more information related to best practice mediaction standards and the work of the forum contact Claire.Horsfield@lthtr.nhs.uk

New Nursing Competencies

We are pleased to announce that 2 new documents are available that supports the development of nursing knowledge and skills.

Step 4 Competencies form part of the suite of critical care step competencies that have been in use for some years. Step 4 aims to support the development of leadership skills for senior bands or those aspiring to become leaders in practice.

Level 1 Competencies have been developed to support nurses working in 'enhanced' care areas.

Further information about these documents can be found on our Education & Training page.

The Faculty of

Intensive Care Medicine

Critical Futures: A Report on the First Wave Survey

Critical Futures is a long term project commissioned through the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.  Its aim is to take forward a suite of work streams that analyse and respond to anticipated changes and pressures on critical care and related services. 

The Faculty is pleased to launch the first step on this journey,click on the link to be directed to their page Critical Futures: A Report on the First Wave Survey. 

Care of the Critically Ill Woman in Childbirth

This document replaces the former Joint Standing Committee 2011 standards document: Providing equity of critical and maternity care for the critically-ill pregnant or recently pregnant woman.

Published jointly by the RCoA, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Royal College of Midwives, Intensive Care Society, Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association, the document can be downloaded at




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ICS SOA 2019

This years SOA event looks to hold an exciting fresh faced programme that continues to have more relevance and involvement from multiple-professional colleagues.

For more information on the programme click on the image opposite.

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