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The Network facilitates educational opportunities and develops tools to support the development of workforce knowledge and skills for delivery of safe care. This page provides information related to educational and training activities that take place within the network. More information can be found on the Workforce, Education and Training tab on the Quality and Leadership page.

National Competencies for Critical Care Nurses

Below you will find a selection of documents that support the development of nursing knowledge and skills for those working within critical care. These have been developed through CCNERF a subgroup of CC3N, who's role is to review the educational requirements of nurses working within the speciality, and in collaboration with multiprofessionals from NHS, Independent Sector and University organisations develop tools for use in critical care setting.

Lancashire & South Cumbria is pleased to have been a partner in the creation and implementation of these competencies, and endorses the use of these across our stakeholder organisations.

By clicking on each image you will be directed to the CC3N website, where these documents can be downloaded.

Competencies for Level 1 Patients and 'Enhanced' Care Areas

We are pleased to support the launch of the national Level 1 Competencies that have been developed by the national Critical Care Educational and Review Forum, a subgroup of CC3N.

These competencies are aimed at supporting nurses working in ward areas that care for patients who's care needs may be slightly above that found in general ward areas, but not sufficient to warrant admission to a Critical Care Unit  e.g. NIV wards, Trachaeostomy wards, Post Op Care Units.

To download a copy please visit

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Safe Critically Ill Transfer Training (SCITT)

Following collaborative work with our NW Network colleagues the SCITT (Safe Care in Transfer Training) course has been developed. 

Each Trust is developing its own local faculty to enable its staff to be trained in caring for the vulnerable group of critically ill patients that may require transfer between locations, either within or external to their organistion. 

Look out for information about this course within your own organistion or if you need more information about who your trust SCITT Programme Lead is, feel free to contact us directly.

Resources to enable SCITT local delivery can be found on the right and the E-Learning Package can be accessed by clicking on the image below;

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SCITT Training Resources

The NW SCITT Programme
SCITT Human Factors Part 1
SCITT Human Factors Part 2
SCITT Safety Presentation
SCITT Local Programme Template
SCITT Evaluation Form

SCITT Training Dates at Royal Preston Hospital

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Workforce, Education and Training 

Forum (WEaT)

This forum brings together Clinical/Practice Educators from our critical care units and Higher Academic Institutes (HEIs), who have a role or interest in developing the knowledge and skills of the workforce. Their work includes the development of training packages/programmes, supporting clinical skills in practice and many other activities that ensure we have effective and competent staff. 

Terms of Reference

WEaT Terms of Ref.
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E - Learning Packages. To access the E-Learning Packages click on the subject link below.

AQUA Training Opportunity

We are able to offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to access training to develop Quality Improvement knowledge and skills to facilitate applications of these on improvement activity within your own workplace.

A one day study event, run by AQUA colleagues, is to be held at The Village Hotel, Blackpool on Wednesday 21st November 2018.

If you're interested in a place on this day then please contact us directly at


Podcasts can be accessed by clicking on the image opposite. These are provided via the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and provide the latest information and intellectual criticism on critical care issues.

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